Well said and an extremely urgent matter. Trumpists will revert to violence as an insolent child does during a tantrum. The threat is real and the crazies have all the armaments. Those true to America, its flaws and it's amazing potential. Americans who recognize the next reconstruction is around the corner, assuming we summon all of our personal and collective fortitude to take our country back from the traitors. The majority of us, who may need to act (not a call to violence) to protect ourselves and defend our unique status as the single pluralistic democracy on earth,. The unassailable source of our once great world power. Be prepared, fortify your homes, be eternally vigilant and arm and train yourselves to the legal limit. The right needs to see our collective defense plans, mutual defense pledges (an attack on one is an attack on all). They need to think 10 times before attacking us or Our Country. The crazy right wing is drunk on guns, false gods and delusion. That gives them the booze guts of a loudmouthed, inebriated, coward at the bar. To shut the drunk up, usually takes a mass outcry by the patrons or a quick punch in the mouth. Either will do, based on the threat. They view the left as a bunch of commie, woosies. Let them see that real Americans outnumber them by millions and are ready to protect OUR AMERICA and it's institutions. If attacked we should be prepared to defend ourselves and the right should know it. 70% of the country is against the MAGA Maggots. The reality of that situation along with our willingness to beat their asses back to the stone age they so relish, may offer some deterrence to the planed coup. There is no advocating of pro-active violence here, only self defense. Separately and equally urgent, the government needs to rid itself of extremists. Some are even holdovers from the last guy. The governments civil institutions, judiciary, military, police, bureaucrats and all official channels of LAW and POLICY, needs an immediately purging of unqualified and extremist traitors within. If you have any doubts about the termites deployed at all levels of our institutions by the last guy and his a--kissers. Please read "It's Even Worse Thank You Think" by David Cay Johnston. Written in 2017-2018, the American carnage is real and continues today. A truly disgusting example is that Louis DeJoy, is still dismantling the Post Office. We can't even get our mail on time, not to mention life saving medications. If the post office, founded before our country by Benjamin Franklin, is in trouble that we can feel in our daily lives, how much more damage is still going on under the surface that we can not yet see. Another ridiculous situation is the Qanon Psycho-Psy-Ops general in chief, Michael Flynn's brother, Gen Charles Flynn is still on active military duty. He, Charles Flynn, is one of the generals that held up assistance to the capital on 1/6/21. He subverted our government, delayed a life saving response and participated in the insurrection by omission, promoted by his brother and is still on active duty. He and his seditionist brother who is still pulling in a nice pension deserve justice. Both should be investigated, benefits canceled and rank taken away. This is how we set examples not just talking, defense requires action.

Advocate, Guardian of Democracy, Business Owner, Seeker of Truth and Social Justice Warrior.