Register Independent: Support Candidates, Country Not Parties

Our Sacred Documents

Defend democracy: Vote on issues that affect you and your community

The Republican Party (GOP) is filled with criminal foreign assets and their accomplices, and they are complicit in trying to overturn an election as well as democracy itself in America. They are authoritarians, seditionists, and grifters, constantly raising money under the false pretenses of election fraud, yet 62 lawsuits found no evidence of fraud — and most those cases were heard by Republican judges.

Authoritarian Republicans, Theocrats, and Grifters

White supremacists and Christian national fundamentalist theocrats (Christians In Name Only — CIN; it almost looks like SIN) want the Bible to be the basis of law, which would result in a theocratic government. It would basically be an American version of Sharia law, like the Muslim theocracies of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, etc. Supporters of dictatorships and theocratic law do not believe in democracy — no thanks!

Today’s Republican Party is full of false prophets that bastardize the Word of God. Take, for example, Q-Anon and other crackpots who are spreaders of propaganda, dangerous anti-democratic plutocrats, and foreign-influenced useful fools or agents of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Finally, their leader today — Don the Con or Trump the Russian Chump — is also the man who killed more Americans through ego, indifference, ignorance, and arrogance than almost all wars in American history combined. This can only be reasonably compared to genocide against the weakest citizens in our society! It should be deemed a crime against humanity and eldercide.

The Most Dangerous Man In America and The World

Still the authoritarian Republicans grovel, pay homage, and pledge loyalty and fealty to former president Don the Con, a very dangerous enemy of the state! He is like a spoiled child and is simply a sore loser, yet also an active seditionist and wish-it dictator; this is the short list. He is, most importantly, an ACTIVE RUSSIAN ASSET! He’s the most dangerous man in America, a grifter without honor who has our national security secrets and code name clearance for our national treasures.

If you’re an American who is a registered Republican and are loyal to the republic and no longer want to be an accomplice, complicit, or associated with ANY of the above agendas or groups, don’t adhere to the Republicans’ big lie about election fraud. If you believe in and expect the protections of your constitutional rights for yourself and all Americans, are faithful to the citizen’s requirement of fidelity to the Constitution of the United States of America, and the protection of those same rights for all Americans, you need to refute any claims of election fraud and run — don’t walk — to change your political affiliation to Independent. Exert your own Declaration of Independence and renounce your fealty to party over country.

Why You Should Change Your Political Affiliation

You can reclaim your liberty from those who continuously lied to you and have only two agendas today: grifting their supporters for nonstop money, and disseminating the anti-American propaganda of our foreign adversaries, leading to the destruction of American democracy. They have no party platform, no ideas for the success of America in the future, and no policy ideas. They just say no (it’s as ridiculous today as it was when Nancy said it in a different context); they take your vote for granted and don’t deserve it!

As an Independent, you can exercise your own judgment and reason. A citizen has a responsibility to vote on real issues, not just grievances against the other party or whataboutism. The only issues the Republican Party is talking about are Dr. Seuss and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head…how ironic. This is simply to gaslight you, charge your emotions, and trick you into supporting the agenda of authoritarians, plutocrats, corporatists, and the super-rich. They take you for fools and convince you to vote against your own interests!

Delete Your Facebook Account And Change The Radio and TV Stations

If you decide to choose for yourself, get informed on both sides of the news cycle; DO NOT GET NEWS FROM FACEBOOK! Facebook is using artificial intelligence and algorithms to mislead you, to evoke your harshest emotions, and make money for themselves. We all know that bad decisions are made when we’re wound up. Facebook treats its users as fools and stooges. Get off the Facebook propaganda machine. Call or text your real friends and family; better yet, get vaccinated and spend some in-person face time with them. Discuss politics with reason, not passion. Find unity, if not agreement, but remember you need not agree with someone on everything to have an interpersonal relationship. Remember family ties and speak to family and friends in love, even if you vehemently disagree. Listen to others’ opinions and be open to the possibility that others may be right. Have conversations to learn more and gain real information, not just to validate your own perceived notions or biases.

A democracy requires that the needs of all its citizens be met. All its citizens vote in elections; maybe we need a mandatory voter law, like how every male 18 and older is required to register for Selective Service. Every citizen over 18 in America should be required to vote. And until that time, it’s up to everyone to willingly get it done!

Even if you change your political affiliation, you can still choose the Republican on the ticket, or any other candidate, but you will send a harsh message to the GOP by changing your registration and refusing to send them money. They will only get that message; nothing else will do it. You need to do this if you care about a country with a healthy two-party system, where candidates don’t lie as their first response, where candidates are moral, courageous, and have the best interests of all Americans at heart. A country where politicians will need to work for your vote! Not just expect it and inflame your passions or disseminate propaganda to scare you into voting Republican.

It may be way too early in the political dating process for you to completely divorce your wayward authoritarian Republicans. However, a separation and mandatory counseling is needed for them to stop being abusive servants of the public! Stop giving Republicans money; punish them for their fealty to Trump and Trumpism. They are devoted to a man who has squandered at least two massive fortunes and managed to bankrupt casinos; he is not the “successful businessman” his brand promotes. To register Independent is the essence of American liberty and our essential freedoms

Register Independent and Think for Yourself and A Warning To Christians!

Vote people, not propaganda. Turn off talk radio, switch to a different news channel, follow alternative views expressed by right wing voices on social media. Turn off religious radio — God commands His followers to go into their rooms alone and pray. Only listen to the Lord’s Word from those uttering an encouragement or material that is non-political, and change the channel on nationalist talk or speech that glorifies war and military might. “As the scripture says
“If you want to enjoy life and wish to see good times, you must keep from speaking evil and stop telling lies. You must turn away from evil and do good; you must strive for peace with all your heart. For the Lord watches over the righteous and listens to their prayers; but he opposes those who do evil.””
1 Peter 3:10–12

Yes, this may stretch your comfort zone. But the echo chamber of mass media on the “right” opinion shows is filled with vitriolic “experts” who are not; it’s all passion ignoring reason and spewing of blatant lies that destabilize our democracy. These people are not uttering any semblance of the words of democracy, Christ or God. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that we are all familiar with.

Civil War Is Their Master Plan

You do not need to follow the sheep and vote on negative passions — that’s how civil wars start. Civil war is the agenda of the right, alt-right, militias, and anti-democracy groups!

Cut Off The Republican Money Supply

Register Independent. Stop giving money to any of these authoritarian Republicans for a while; give to the poor directly if you can, or through verified non-profits…the return is better!

As for myself, I have had my own political and spiritual journeys. I have registered as an Independent, Republican, and Democrat. I voted for Ronald Reagan (my very first vote) and then George H.W. Bush. I did not vote at all during the Clinton years, then I voted for Al Gore (a truly stolen election), John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and finally, thanks be to God, Joe Biden.

Biden is a man like any man flawed, yet unlike any leader before him. Like the rest of us, he is gaining wisdom and humility in age, empathy as one who has experienced loss, compassion as one who has been afflicted with challenges in his personal life, courage to stand in the public square and speak the truth, and is a man who exhibits love and kindness to all he meets. He’s the right man for the job and our time.

Real Christianity is Protection Of The Weakest and LOVE

I am also a practicing Christian, saved by grace through the witness of an unlikely source, baptized by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches as a child and an evangelical church as man. My friends of faith — more on religion and other timely thoughts in another post.

Thank you for reading. Your comments good, bad, and ugly are appreciated.

“the United States is now a land of “socialism for the rich and brutal capitalism for the poor” Robert F. Kennedy abridged from Martin Luther King Jr. and others. “Same as it ever was” The Talking Heads

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