Nina Turner is a vocal and active critic of the status quo. I have no idea who her opponent is, but Nina and her district deserve a seat at the table. She is not your standard democrat and I have seen her on TV say things I don't quite agree with. However, she is a SOLDIER, REAL, UNVARNISHED and Speaks Her Truth To Power. She may make the establishment nervous as another boogeyman for the MAGA MAGGOTS. They are not voting for us anyway. Give her a CHANCE, Hillary lost because she was a bad candidate, although extremely qualified. 40 years of bad press made sure would lose. Not going to the Midwest to campaign was inexcusable and the final nail in her political coffin. Hillary needs to step back and stop any public pronouncements. Her on TV, Radio or Pod cast is more harmful to the democratic party then Nina Turner ever will be. Nina is a powerful black woman, that does not take any S--T. May she win and win big!

Advocate, Guardian of Democracy, Business Owner, Seeker of Truth and Social Justice Warrior.