Healthcare Worker Gets Vaccinated

Healthcare Workers Get Vaccinated You Know Better, Model Good Public Health Behavior

Get vaccinated or lose the ability to work in the healthcare profession

I saw a new story today about 178 Healthcare workers in Houston who were suspended for refusing vaccinations. Hearing that they are refusing almost made my head EXPLODE. Having a history in providing healthcare services to acute care, psychiatric, convalescent and rehabilitation hospitals. I know healthcare workers know better! Their licenses require annual or bi-annual rectifications in certain disciplines, CPR, health certificates and TB tests in order for them to work with patients. For non-patient facing positions, I don’t know what is required. I do after 18 months of Covid understand very well what a Public Health Crisis requires. Especially after watching healthcare workers become death statistics to Covid throughout 2020. Not getting vaccinated while working in any healthcare setting is not a viable option and unacceptable to your patients, co-workers and the rest of society. Any facility or hospital that does not require vaccination should be given 48 hours to purge staff or be taken over by the state, shut down, patients transferred and loss of accreditation, insurance, Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Do No Harm — moral leadership and modeling good Public Health Policy

The Hippocratic Oath and moral, informed humanity demand we all get vaccinated to keep our country on the path to normal socialization and economic activity. In addition the world needs to be vaccinated and healthcare workers refusing to be vaccinated in the US could be misinterpreted and impact the truly ignorant in the 3rd and emerging worlds, where literacy is sparse and real information is scarce. Healthcare workers are the tip of the spear. By spreading fear and demanding their “rights” and ‘liberty” to be the Typhoid Mary’s of the 2019–2021 Covid pandemic. They are sending the exact wrong message to the 20–30% of America refusing to be vaccinated and unknown numbers worldwide who don’t know what to believe.

Get another Job

Healthcare workers are obligated to follow best public healthcare practices and model those for society, educate others or chose another profession. If you prefer to stay unvaccinated, get another job. The vaccinated and those they love do not want you anywhere near us in a healthcare setting or in society, period. Work from home, do whatever you want but stay away from the rest of us. You are free to choose to be unvaccinated but you should lose any workplace protections until you are vaccinated.

Why we care if you get vaccinated

In case you’re wondering why the vaccinated care if you are. You’re a liability to society and danger to yourself and loved ones. We care about you, we don’t want you to get sick. We don’t what you to have survivor’s remorse when you infect/KILL someone you know, unwittingly. We also know you’re walking around like the vaccinated pretending to be vaccinated without a MASK. We don’t want the unvaccinated to create mutations that can bypass the protections we presently have and will spread and infect the world again. We think one pandemic is all we can take in this century!

We love, honor and respect you

Please don’t misunderstand, we love our healthcare workers and most have been the heroes of the last two years. The front line soldiers, doing trench warfare adapting to a previously unknown enemy. We had your back, when you received no leadership from the top of American government with even the small things like PPE (a human right, for healthcare workers). We as Americans demanded that the HC community be the first to receive the opportunity to be vaccinated, we waited our turn and stayed as safe as possible. Now, the vaccinated can go to a Ballpark, Broadway, Concert’s and Public Events (unvaccinated not allowed admittance). We want the same for you. We are afraid that disinformation has gotten to you in the Social Media bubble or foreign influenced anti-vax hysteria web sites of dubious sources, laymen uneducated in science disseminating information for click-bait designed to amplify your fears. I saw a doctor (unconfirmed), say on camera that “the vaccine has a metal in it, those who are vaccinated become magnetic”. She actually said, that vaccinated patients were coming in with spoons and metal stuck to their body as if they were magnets. Well, I can do that with a spoon to my forehead and have been able to do so way before the vaccine. I am not Magneto. She is ridiculous, lying, ignorant or a little of them all. My point is that even so called experts, doctors and other highly educated medical professionals can be misled by emotion, misinformation, fear and false narratives. Please I beg you, don’t be fooled. You need annual physicals with TB test and CPR re-certification to work in any accredited healthcare facility. Do you part, get vaccinated. I promise you won’t have a trail of metal following you around!

May you all be blessed, happy, healthy, prosperous and informed. I thank you for your service to all of America and the World



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Scott Robert

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