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Trump Needs To Be Charged With His Crimes and His Assets Seized

One mans opinion. Not all crimes at one time, start with any crime he committed that will disqualify him for holding public office. Simply scroll his twitter feed for Crimes Committed in Broad Daylight and broadcast to the world.

Phase 1 — Federal Criminal Charges and Asset Seizure Immediately

Trump the Russian Asset is a danger to America and his…

Yes it did. Just look at the shape of our country, public health crisis, institutions, federal government, full theocrat takeover of red states and the termites still in government. DeJoy who destroyed the postal service is still the postmaster general while being investigated by the FBI. We have a lot of work to do in the next 18 months and for years to come. Trump The Russian Chump, we not let go of his egomaniacal goal of Supreme Leader until he gasps his last breath. He needs to be charged with at minimum obstruction of justice. That will prohibit him from running for any office.

Scott Robert

Advocate, Guardian of Democracy, Business Owner, Seeker of Truth and Social Justice Warrior.

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